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Drunk In Love: The Economic Power of Jay Z and Beyonce

Last night, like millions of others, I sat anxiously awaiting Beyonce & Jay Z’s rumored opening performance on the 2014 Grammy Awards. I was ready to see hips twist, hair swing across the stage and hopefully learn a new dance move. Instead, I found myself more focused on the undeniable love between the two. Somehow, […]

Single & Sophisticated: A Letter to Single Ladies

Last year, I was asked to write a letter to the ladies of the Atlanta, GA Set Apart, Single & Sophisticated Retreat hosted by Chante Truscott (WivesInWaiting.com) and Shineka Karim.  All too often single women are getting pressures from all angles of life about doing everything except enjoying and maximizing being single.  This (slightly revised) […]

4 Ways To Prevent Financial Infidelty

4 Ways To Prevent Financial Infidelty

Are you honest with yourself about money? Are you less than honest with your spouse about your purchases? How about a private bank account or credit card your spouse doesn’t know about? 50% of married adults admitted to keeping money secrets from their spouse (self.com survey). Why is that? Infidelity is any form of unfaithfulness […]

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