Drunk In Love: The Economic Power of Jay Z and Beyonce

Last night, like millions of others, I sat anxiously awaiting Beyonce & Jay Z’s rumored opening performance on the 2014 Grammy Awards. I was ready to see hips twist, hair swing across the stage and hopefully learn a new dance move. Instead, I found myself more focused on the undeniable love between the two. Somehow, they’ve integrated and monetized the power of love.

There’s something to revere about the power love has created between the sultry pop queen and her street smart, business savvy king. They’ve taken two mutually successful careers and created a power house of social and professional influence. What’s their secret?

Here’s what resulted from my late night Blueberry Lemonade infused probe…

We are either financially codependent, independent, or interdependent. One of which seems to create more economic advantage than the others.

Codependents use money as a tool to control their environment. They give you more money if you are doing what they like and “punish” by withholding it. Their atmosphere is lead by manipulation. This kind of behavior limits and restricts, surely it’s not the Carters secret.

Independence, though, creates freedom from the control of others. You make your own rules. As a single mother, I lived here. It was here that I was able to provide for my daughter without the vulnerability involved in trusting or having to deal with the financial disappointments of others. It was here where all my bills were paid, my savings goals were all about me and mine, and I was content. Here, is where I realized that “I” want to be a “we” and I had better find some flexibility in my financial mindset. I learned that we fight so hard to obtain and maintain our independence that we often miss out on the benefits of interdependence.

Interdependence is independence on steroids. It’s when two independent BOSSes come together as one and create a power house. It helps, elevates and celebrates both parties. Interdependence has room for couple collaborations and independent aspirations. It’s all inclusive.

This has to be it. Interdependence has to Bey & Jay’s secret!

Jay is a consistent source of support to his wife, and she to him. They’ve grasped the competitive advantages of working together versus competing among themselves; filling their bank accounts all the while. They’ve merged while maintaining individual identities. The way it should work, actually works! It’s quite genius really.

What do you think? Is being ‘Drunk In Love’ the key to being a power couple and increasing your coins or am I off course here?

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