Why I Chose Motherhood Over Money: 4 Reasons Why I’m Reclaiming My Time

Jet setting through customs and secretly rubbing elbows with celebrities as a number crunching entrepreneur over the past three or four years has been absolutely amazing. It has drastically increased the bottom-line within my business while forging relationships I am forever grateful for (and a few I wish never existed, but anyhoo …). It really was a dream job.

Giving up free first class travel, free frequent flyer miles, and free semi vacations was no easy task. I mean, who really wants to walk away from that? Honestly?! Truly?!

Deciding to be a mom who happens to be an accountant, versus an accountant who’s also a mom, had to be one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. I’m not talking about being a mom in passing, but a mom intentionally molding the little human she’s been entrusted with into the best possible version of them self. A mom who prioritizes motherhood over money and convenience. A mom who has made being a CEO secondary.

I know, I know. We’ve been told that we can have it all. We’ve been told to lean in and grab what we want. We’ve been told we don’t have to choose. All of which is great until important things start falling through the cracks, school events become something else to do, and the pressures of juggling it all is insurmountable.

We can only master one thing at a time. One. We must choose what we will master in each season of our lives.

While leaning in has certainly afforded me options I didn’t have before, I’ve decided it’s much more important to lean back in this season of my life.

Don’t roll your eyes at me, girl. I haven’t quit on you. I’m readjusting. Hear me out …

Entrepreneurship still pays the bills around here, except now it will accommodate my new lifestyle of weekend only business travel along with my daughter. Will my net income suffer from this change? Maybe. It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Here’s what I know for sure, time is my reward.

Time is the most valuable, nonrenewable asset that we have. You’re either gaining it or wasting it.  Let review how I’m reclaiming my time shall we?

See, I haven’t had time in over two years.

I’m taking the time to revamp my website and create passive revenue.

The goal is for my money to make money while I sleep, or travel, or whatever. Anything that requires too much of me physically drains my time. If I’m going to win at this entrepreneurial game long-term, I need better automation and more efficient systems in place. Maximizing my time maximizes my revenue.

Say, “hello digital products!”

I’m taking time to make new memories with friends I have neglected as a cost of success.

Traveling with my little human is great, but traveling with like-minded adults is better. Sure, the kids can come, but I need someone who can look me eye-to-eye without bending to accompany me sometimes. I need a girl’s trip to Miami (check) and Cancun (check) to relax, take unnecessary selfies, and flourish to my greatest wonder woman capacity.  I need shopping trips to London (check) and Paris (check) with friends I’ve had for 20+ years to hold dear to my heart.

I needed this time. Relationships make the world go ‘round!

I’m taking the time to mom to the max.

What better way to drop your 10th grader off at high school than to break out in an MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This” typewriter style routine while she walks in. I just told my age, but stay focused. I’m trying to tell you something.

I need the time for this moment. I’m a mom. I’ve earned it.

I need time to create more time.

When I first started my business I didn’t understand this concept. I thought #TeamNoSleep with nothing but busy work and no real production was the thing to do. *face palm* In my ignorance, I created a profitable machine that required me at every turn.

I naively thought money was the end game. I was wrong. Freedom is. Financial freedom and time freedom to be more specific. I need time to create more time.

Oh, you thought I was going to fall off, sis? Not a chance my friend. I’ve gotten wiser. I’m putting energy into things that yield the greatest return for me and I’m giving you permission to do the same.

You have permission to choose family first when it matters most to you. You have permission to be a boss on your own accord. You have permission to rest and rebuild. You have permission to be by your own standard. At a time when everyone else is telling you to go, go, go, I’m giving you permission to be more strategic with your time and efforts.

What good will it do me to build a legacy for my daughter if the cost to her is losing me?

Here’s to doing it your way!

Cheers! *raises wine glass of water and lemon*

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